Jumbo Electro-Luber
ATS Electro-Luber™ - Jumbo Luber - 16oz (475cc)
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, ATS Electro-Luber™ - Jumbo Luber - 16oz (475cc)

ATS Electro-Luber™ - Jumbo Luber - 16oz (475cc)

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The Electro-Luber is a single point automatic lubricator that uses an electro-chemical reactor cell which converts electrical energy into safe, inert nitrogen gas. 

The Electro-Luber series can be filled with any lubricant and used in virtually every work environment. The units are simple to use, effective and drastically reduce the risk of bearing failure by ensuring that your machines are continuously lubricated with the right amount of lubricant at the correct time.

* Lead Time is 7-10 business days. Customer Service will contact you if lead time is extended

* If your grease is not listed or if you require a food grade or low temp luber, email customerservice@digilube.com 

Size  6-3/4" high X 4 3/4" dia.
Weight 2.5 lbs
Dispensing Power Up to 50psi. Single Point can be mounted to 3ft. using 1/4" ID Hose
Cycle Single use, Disposable
Lube Choice Customer specified Lube
Operating Span 15 Days to 1 Year on Factory Filled Unit
LED Indicator Red LED - Positive Verification that Unit is Working
Weatherproof Waterproof - submerged up to 30ft.
Temp. Range -40ºF to 132ºF (-40ºC to 55ºC)