The TITAN Cartridge Luber™ is a powerful, motor-driven, automatic lubricator which is built on our proven ULTIMATE LUBER technology.

Titan CL with Battery Pack & Bracket

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The TITAN CL™ is refillable by replacing the standard grease cartridge. These units allow you to be maintenance free for up to 2 years, and for added convenience we have built in low-level sensors that alert the user when the lubricant is near empty. When the grease cartridge needs to be replaced, doing so takes only seconds.

With our entire line of automatic lubrication products, you minimize risk to employees, there’s no downtime, no costly repairs from improper lubrication, and the unit itself tells you when you need to replace the cartridge. It’s that simple!

SIZE OPTIONS: TITAN CL (400g) and TITAN II (800g) 

Lead time is 2.5 - 3 weeks