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DL-5003 Head Controller

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Keep Things Moving with Digilube’s Advanced, Precise Delivery for Conveyor Lubrication Equipment

Keeping your conveyors running in top shape requires precise delivery of lubricant to the wear points on your chain conveyor or machine. So that’s exactly what the Digilube Conveyor Lubricating System provides. Our incredible microprocessor, the DL-5003 head controller, gives you total control and flexibility for adding lubrication system points as you grow.

Digilube’s Programmable Lubricators provide Pinpoint Accuracy of Lubricant to many Different Types of Conveyors’ Lube Points, including:

  • Chain Pins
  • Open Trolley Bearings
  • Free Carries
  • Swivels
  • Cat Drive Chains
  • Roller Chains