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filter lubricator
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Filter Lubricator - Filtration Package #1

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Tsunami Filter Lubricator Filtration Package #1 includes: (1) Water separator, (1) Lubricator and a mounting bracket.

Installing a filter lubricator in a pneumatic system provides optimal performance and longevity for the components downstream. This package is designed to remove liquids and contaminants from the air while releasing a controlled mist of oil to reduce friction in the tool or piece of equipment. It is important to know your systems requirements before purchasing a filter-lubricator.

3 Size Options:

    Max CFM Part # Port Size Drain Max PSI Max ºF Weight Dimensions
    20 J-0416 1/4" Float 250 175º 2 ½ lbs 10 X 4½ X 2½ 
    50 J-0247 1/2" Float 250 175º 7 lbs 18 X 6 X 5
    120 J-0248 1" Float 250 175º 12 lbs 19½ X 8 X 5½


    Typical applications: Air Tools, Tire Changers, Automotive Lifts, Robotics, Machine Tools, and more!